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Italian Organic Pearl Barley Risotto Variety Pack, NON-GMO and Made in Italy - 4 packages, 2 flavors, 8.82 oz each



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ALL our easy and quick to make pearl barley mixes are made with delicious pearled barley and are completely organic!

It’s cooked in the style of normal risotto. No need to make broth, cook any vegetables, mix spices and spend the time to make a homemade delicious barley risotto. You can now have it in less than 20 minutes! And it is made with 100% organic and Italian ingredients.

Organic barley is known in Italy as organic orzo, it is highly nutritious and full of protein. These quick barley ready meals cook quickly, it’s like your own meal delivery kit



Chemical Free


Easy to Make

Made in Italy

ORGANIC PORCINI MUSHROOM BARLEY RISOTTO- amazing first course. The organic barley does not overcook or become mushy; with the porcini dried mushrooms, this mushroom barley risotto is an instant and healthy hit.

ORGANIC TOMATO AND BASIL BARLEY RISOTTO- while all the packets of barley risotto make amazing main entrees, this one is perfect as a side dish to chicken. Prepare it on the stove in 17 minutes; perfect meals ready to eat for emergencies.


-Bring 800 ml of water to a boil.

-Pour contents of this pack in boiling water and stir.

-Cook for 17 minutes.

-Add extra virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese to taste.

Each barley risotto pack is 250 gr (8.82 oz)