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The Top 5 Food & Cooking Blogs You Should Follow

The Top 5 Food & Cooking Blogs You Should Follow

Cooking & Foods Blogs have been all the rage for over 10 years now. Our digital age has ushered over onto our screens, of various sizes, various types of cooks, writers, storytellers, food stylists and photographers galore! And there will always be more, after all: Who doesn't have to eat? Might as well make it beautiful, ingenious and inspiring. 

Below are the current The Top 5 Food & Cooking Blogs you should be following:



This beautiful blog is written by Megan Gordon and was started in 2009. Since then she has been cooking up some delicious lunches, snacks and holiday recipes like soft and chewy ginger cookies and her black bean quinoa burgers with green goddess sauce...yum! We highly recommend her recipes!


This self-proclaimed "self-taught/mom-taught/grandma-taught" cook pretty much had us at "deviled crab dip" and her beautiful Coconut Coffee Cake posted this May. Jessica Merchant lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and she is fun, she is real and she dishes out some delicious recipes for all of us to try! She's also published a new cookbook called "The Pretty Dish"! 


Kathy Patalsky founded this blog in 2007 and has since published 2 vegan cookbooks and is on a mission to get people to eat more plants! Also, her blog sometimes features some cuddly cats for all of us to "aaaww" over. In her recipes you can find anything from a Vegan Breakfast Sandwich to a Feel Good Shamrock Shake to Vegan Pigs in a Blanket! If anyone has wondered what to cook when going vegan or to spruce up their current vegan diet we recommend Kathy and her blog! 


A couple who cooks together not only stays together but they blog about it for our delicious pleasure! Maria and Josh have been growing their family and cooking up a storm and have since published their own cookbook as well! They have over 100 pages of recipes online! Anything from Shrimp Fajitas to Smoky Tomato Soup and a refreshing Asian Cucumber Salad. We're drooling just thinking about the rest. Check out their blog! can thank us later.


Ali and her husband has recently moved to Spain and while easing into the Spanish way of life she continues to cook and work on her blog which she originally had begun in 2009. She can show you how to make the Juiciest Grilled Chicken Kabobs or How To Cook a Whole Fish! Don't forget to find and try her recipe for The Most Amazing Salted Dark Chocolate Tart! Her Blog is definitely worth checking out. ENJOY!


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