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Why is the RIGHT food so important?

Why is the RIGHT food so important?

Hello wonderfully Fine people!

I thought I'd start everyone off with a little educational blurb about health, healthy food and why it is so important that we eat well.

Currently in our society there has been a lot of talk and pressure on how our bodies look; primarily on how much we weight (more on that in a future article). But after the crash of the heroin chic 90s model look and the advent of social media, influencers and what we see on the cover of magazines, in our favorite binge-worthy TV series and captivating films, things have gotten a bit confusing. 

Should I be skinny? fit? curvy? overweight? And there is true health compromising obesity to talk about as well.

While The Fine Market is not going to tell you how you should look, what we do want to help you with is how you feel. How healthy are you? What was your last check up like? How was your blood-work?

I believe, of course, you should keep your own council on what is right for you and your family and loved ones. However, to be the best counselor you must, must, educate yourself properly. Otherwise it's a classic case of the blind leading the blind. 

So I thought I'd start off with the most basic thing. A "let's start at the beginning" to begin our wonderful relationship with us the The Fine Market.

1. Everything is made of atoms (to keep it simple)

Well, most of us, do know this. Matter, which includes food and our bodies, is made of atoms (which are made up of other things we won't get into right now). These atoms also make up cells! Which is the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism on Earth!  

So; Atoms make up everything - cells are made up of atoms.

BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Chains of atoms are called molecules (late 18th century: from French molécule, from modern Latin molecula, diminutive of Latin moles ‘mass’)

2. There are 2 types of digestion

When we eat or drink we allow food (made up of atoms) to enter into our bodies (also made up of atoms) and to use this food we digest it. 

Did you know the word digest comes from Latin digest- ‘distributed, dissolved, digested’, which comes from the verb digerere meaning di-‘apart’ + gerere ‘carry’; and that comes from the Latin noun digesta ‘matters methodically arranged’, and from digestus ‘divided’ which finally came from digerere 'to separate'? Well now you do!

So essentially we are separating all those atoms, cells, what have you, so that our bodies can use them for nutrition!

A) Mechanical Digestion

How many times have you heard "chew your food"? There are so many opinions of how much or how long to chew your food for. In essence, you need to chew because your mouth is location number 1 for digestion. You break up the food with your teeth and tongue along with your saliva which begins to chemically break it down. This is called Mechanical digestion.

B) Chemical Digestion 

Now that your food has been mechanically digested it travels down your throat to your stomach, where it will be further broken up for use and down through the rest of your digestive tract (intestines and the like) where the food nutrients, made up of atoms, can be absorbed for use. 

BONUS KNOWLEDGE: Did you know the average adult digestive tract is up to 30 feet long?! That is from mouth to colon (that's the business end if you catch my drift).


So, again, everything is made up of atoms; Carrots, celery, milkshakes, that apple pie, the sweet 'n sour chicken and the last mocha-latte-frappucino you downed or whatever. 

Those atoms, as your body begins to chemically digest said food, will be absorbed into your bloodstream and carried where the body needs them to continue to survive. These atoms can help you regenerate from daily wear and tear, heal from injury, build something new like when your hair and nails grow or even growing a baby and they give you the energy to survive another day! Food and liquids are the fuel that keep our incredible machine, the body, running.

What it cannot break down fully or doesn't need at the moment gets compacted and sent out, usually within 24 hours (on average), through your colon and, hopefully, into the nearest bathroom.  


If you don't give your car the proper fuel it does not work.

If you fuel up with un-pure or mucky fuel the motor will gunk up and fail. 

If you light a match and shove it into your fuel tank...you better run.

So truthfully this extends to the food and liquids we put into our bodies.

If you're allergic to peanuts and you decide to eat a nice PB&J sandwich your "motor" will explode, or worse, it will stop running completely. 

The same, in a much less explosive manner usually but slowly creeping up on you in the long run, if you feed it incorrectly. That means, health impacting weight issues, illness, overall unhealthiness or worse, even death.

Read up on your ingredients. Are they directly pure from nature? Our bodies have evolved to mostly know how to break down things directly from nature, but not all things directly from nature are good. Rattlesnake venom is very natural but you won't be talking to someone who drinks it like a sports drink for long.

Are they man-made? Chemical? Altered in any way? That doesn't always mean they're bad. But are some? Have you researched what these things are and what your body could to with them? Remember they will pass into your bloodstream!

These are the things to know so that you are educated enough to keep your own council. I personally cannot stress how important that is. You should decide because you are the one who will face the outcome.

This is why we at The Fine Market strive to provide you with as much information about our products and the ingredients they contain, along with any educational material we can find and provide so that YOU can make your informed decision by knowing exactly what the things you put into your body are and what they could do for your body.

Don't give into the media hype or the current trend. Look for facts, things that actually make sense to you, things that you can observe with your own eyes, can or have experienced. 


Honestly educate yourself...and we're here to help. 



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