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"GOOD EATS - The Return" is Here & We've Got All The Feels

"GOOD EATS - The Return" is Here & We've Got All The Feels

One of our founders essentially perfected her English, her love of science and chemistry and learned a lot of cooking skills with the help of our good 'ol friend, Alton Brown. 

"I went from watching Sailor Moon in Italy to sitting on my aunt's couch in the US watching Good Eats marathons on the Food Network after finishing my ESL homework"

Good Eats was a revolutionary show. No longer were we watching a white hatted chef cooking behind a counter and shouting "BAM!" every time some cayenne hit the plate. We were entertained, taught, educated and inspired to get our hands dirty and cook at home!

The original Good Eats ran from 1999 to 2011 spanning a total of 14 seasons (around 249 episodes + specials). Once the show ended Alton Brown continued his career with the Food Network and the Cooking Channel appearing in many shows as a singularly spectacular host, but nothing was the same as Good Eats in our opinion.

"He's sort of like Bill Nye, another favorite of mine, and Mr.Rogers but with an attitude - and he loves to cook" our cooking aficionado founder explains. "I honestly think I could have continued watching that series for the rest of my life".

Well...it's 2019 and our prayers have been answered! 


Tears of joy, giggles of excitement, hand flapping adoration pirouettes fill the air and we are here for it. 

The first episode is streaming online on the Food Network website and YouTube and we're here to tell you that Mr. Alton Brown and his crew do not skip one single beat.

It's like they've never left and they suddenly just got way better filming and sound equipment. It is a pleasure to watch. It is heartwarming, exciting, still educating, whimsy and silly and most importantly; it's still cranking out delicious recipe ideas.

Let us know what you think of the return of one of the greats! 

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